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Online Piano Teachers Aberdare

Meet Our Online Piano Teachers

Enjoy learning piano on with one of our experienced and qualified Zoom piano teachers.


Jayne is an experienced piano teacher who has been teaching piano to children and adults of all levels for over 14 years. She has reached Grade 8 standard with piano, Grade 8 Singing (Distinction), and has attained her DipLCM (Diploma of the London College of Music).

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In addition to her extensive experience and qualifications, Jayne has received several awards, including 'Piano Teacher of the Year' from Prestige Awards.


With a focus on building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, Jayne helps her students progress with confidence and achieve their musical goals. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in the 100% pass rate that her students have achieved in their piano exams

She creates a positive and supportive learning environment where her students feel comfortable and motivated to learn.


Whether you are a beginner or more advanced pianist, Jayne's engaging teaching style, passion for the piano, and proven track record make her an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their piano skills and take their musical abilities to the next level.


Pam has recently joined Piano With Jayne as a piano teacher. I am excited to have her on board and look forward to the knowledge and skillset she will bring to her students' musical education.

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One of the things that sets Pam apart as a piano teacher is her ability to tailor her teaching to the individual needs of each student. She recognizes that every student has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and she works with each one to develop their skills and reach their full potential.


She is able to offer piano lessons on Zoom and FaceTime, providing fun and enjoyable sessions for students aged 8 years and up. She also has a 100% pass rate for students who have sat music exams.

Pam studied singing and piano at the Royal Welsh College of Music, and gained her LRAM and LRWCM. She trained as a teacher and taught music in schools in London and South Wales.


After having had a very successful professional singing career she now teaches singing and piano online.

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