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How Does Learning the Piano Benefit Children?

Have you ever considered learning the piano, or signing your child up for lessons? I am a piano teacher based in Aberdare, but it doesn't matter where you live because lessons take place over Zoom or FaceTime! If you would like to find out more information, please contact me.

The benefits of learning how to play piano are endless. Valuable and transferrable skills are evident within those who take on piano lessons, and has an overall boost on their lifestyle. Here are just some examples of how playing the piano has such a positive impact on children and their development.

1) Develops Self Esteem

Finding a passion and enjoyment out of playing music creates a positive atmosphere for students both within and out of the learning space. Achieving goals, finding songs they love, and the sense of yourself improving with every lesson really heightens a childs self esteem.

2) Learning criticism

Learning constructive criticism from a young age is an admirable skill where there’s also a great balance of positive praising. Being able to take feedback in a positive way is something you take with you throughout life. Preparing for this in a creative environment is a great way to learn!

3) Introduces auditory skills

Children learning musical elements through ear training promotes a fantastic skill in language skills. Being able to link all what they are hearing, feeling on the piano and seeing is an admirable skill.

4) Improves creative skills

Learning piano allows you to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes in a creative manner. Taking these into every day to day life and finding solutions creatively to problems that arise, is a helpful attribute.

5) Heightens coordination

Learning to play the piano requires hand eye coordination. The utilisation of so many parts of the brain at once is undoubtedly beneficial to brain development and the improvement of overall coordination.

Are you having thoughts about piano lessons for yourself or your child? For more information, please get in touch:

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