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Top 5 Soundtracks from Famous Films to Play on the Piano

What tune instantly comes to mind when you think of your favourite films? The melodies from film soundtracks often whirl round in our heads, so why not learn how to play it yourself?

Whether you’re beginning to learn piano or have years of experience in the skill, here are the top 5 soundtracks from famous films for you to master! The songs you practice become a huge part of your sessions so why not choose a recognisable one? After all, you’re more inspired when you enjoy what you play…

Take a look through these soundtracks - you might be surprised at how many you know. Sometimes the music is more famous than the film!

1. He’s a Pirate - Pirates of the Caribbean

The well-known theme following Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean is sure to set your adventurous side out! The score is by Hans Zimmer, an extremely famous composer in the film industry!

Here's the original:

Here's the easy piano version...

...and here's the advanced version!

You can buy the piano sheet music here:

2. My Heart Will Go On - Titanic

This emotional soundtrack following Jack and Rose’s love on the Titanic is recorded by French-Canadian singer, Celine Dion. A beautiful melody that’s sure to captivate you (and everyone else!) whilst playing it:

Here it is performed on the piano:

You can buy the piano sheet music here:

3. Hedwig's Theme - Harry Potter

Magical, inspirational and powerful; Hedwig’s Theme is written by another famous film composer, John Williams.

John Williams has composed the soundtracks for more than 75 films, and many extremely famous ones, including Home Alone, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park.

Hedwig's Theme is a hauntingly beautiful solo when played on the piano:

If you'd like to try playing it, here's the sheet music:

4. Imperial March - Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back)

Composed again by John Williams, Imperial March is a powerful theme connoted with villain Darth Vader in Star Wars. The score is based upon the well-known funeral song in Chopin’s Piano Sonata.

Here is a powerful, emotionally-charged performance of the piece on piano:

Get hold of the sheet music here:

5. Mia & Sebastian's Theme - La La Land

This broadway-style film focuses on the love between Mia and Sebastian, which blossoms from this piece of music. Written by Justin Hurwitz, this beautiful theme will be an all time favourite in your piano playing!

Buy the sheet music here:

So, there you have it: The Top 5 Soundtracks from Famous Films to Play on the Piano! Some may seem daunting at first but you can always break it down to your individual level and search for sheet music arrangements for easy piano. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Enjoy the melodies, immerse yourselves in the themes, and have fun playing!

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