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What To Expect When Starting to Learn The Piano

Learning to play the piano is such a rewarding journey. Deciding to embark upon this adventure is the first (and sometimes biggest) step, especially if you are an adult learner, who often believe it is too late to start. Please be assured, that is not that case and there is no upper age limit to learning the piano! Embracing every step of the way may seem like a lot, however this is a journey you are not on alone. The daily satisfaction of placing your fingers on the keys will eventually seem like second nature, but here’s our advice on what to expect when starting out.

Everybody is different, and so your learning techniques and progress will differ but finding the ways that suit you will quickly become apparent over time, especially when you are taking lessons with an experienced teacher who knows how to teach at the pace which is right for you. At times, it may seem frustrating and as though you are completely stuck, however it’s important to remember patience is key! The more you focus on enjoying learning how to play, you’ll end up progressing really quickly!

The Initial Few lessons

It’s likely that first lessons will be a gentle introduction, easing you into the wonderful world of piano. Feel proud of yourself that you have taken this step! Learning the basics, such as your posture and positioning of your fingers on the keys, are a great foundation that will help you throughout every step of your lessons.

Don’t worry if you have no previous knowledge of reading music or the relation to the notes on the keys - building up all of these key foundations will stand you in good stead to progress, learn, and improve. Be patient with yourself, especially at the beginning when you are taking the initial steps of learning the piano.

After the First Few Months of Playing

The progress you make during a short period of time will shock you as you make your way through your musical journey! Of course, this is dependent on a lot of factors (you can read our blog post on tips when starting out to guide you), however no matter what pace you feel comfortable learning at, noticeable improvements will have been made! The developments you will have been through all make up the foundations that you are going to build upon in the future.

Moving Forward

After a few months or a year of learning the piano, you will start to appreciate the foundations you learnt when first taking lessons! You’ll feel comfortable sitting at the piano, and find yourself enjoying playing. When you reach this point, it is an amazing feeling! It's difficult to predict exactly where you’ll be within what time period, but your dedication and resilience will push the results higher than you could imagine.

The key advice when starting out is to just immerse yourself in the world of music! Enjoy what you’re learning, challenge yourself, practice the foundations, and watch your musical ability grow. Trust the journey, as it’s truly an incredible one that you’ll be delighted you started!

Why not try a free online lesson and see for yourself? For more information contact Piano With Jayne!

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