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Pricing & Payment

Enjoy learning to play piano online. One-to-one or group lessons led by a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Get in touch to book a free trial lesson!


How To Pay

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

One-to-one lessons are £14 for half an hour.

 Group lessons are £10 for 40 minutes.

Lessons can either be paid for at the start of each month, or on a weekly basis via bank transfer.

If we decide to continue with the lessons after our initial free meeting, I will send you my payment details and you can choose whether you would prefer to pay for lessons weekly, or in advance.

To help with planning what I am going to be covering during the session and to know if you will be attending, I ask that payment is transferred no later than the day before the lesson is due to take place. Once payment has been received, I take this as a confirmation that the lesson will be going ahead as planned. 

I will always send the Zoom link the day before the lesson.

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Cancellation Policy

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What if I Need to Cancel?

I understand that sometimes important things arise that are unavoidable, and I aim to reschedule cancelled lessons whenever possible. I do not charge for cancellations if I have been given reasonable notice (no later than a day before the lesson is due to take place).

If you do not show up for the arranged lesson and haven't let me know that you are unable to attend, I will need to charge for the missed lesson. This is to ensure that I am not left out of pocket due to my lost time, as I could have booked another student in to take the free slot had I been given sufficient notice.

All I ask is that you let me know if you are unable to attend the lesson 😀

You can learn more about the different lessons I offer by visiting the children, adults, and group lessons pages.